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If you’re new to ignition interlocks, you might not know what happens when you bring in your vehicle to have your device installed. You might even be nervous, but there’s no need to be – The team at AESInterlock makes the whole process fast and simple.

Here is what to expect:

Installation Process:

Give one of our friendly service reps a call 480-534-7979 to schedule an installation. At your installation appointment, you’ll drive your vehicle into the service bay, where a qualified service technician will inspect the mechanical and electrical systems.

After the inspection, and your review and acceptance of the contract, they will install the interlock, which consists of two elements:

The handset, a small device that looks like a portable phone.
The relay module, a small box that fits inconspicuously under the dash out of sight. A coiled cord connects the handset to the relay module.

The AESInterlock personnel will then show you how to use the device, and answer any questions you might have. After that, you’re good to go.

Allow two hours for the installation process, including instruction, although it might take less time depending on the vehicle.


If your interlock was ordered by a court or DMV, you’ll be required to come in for monitoring at regular intervals. Your AESInterlock team will work out your schedule with you, and a light will flash on your handset reminding you that you’re due for monitoring.

For monitoring, just come in to your nearest AESInterlock location – it doesn’t need to be the same one at which you had your device installed. A technician will plug cables into your handset and relay and download the data. It should just take about 30 minutes and you’re on your way. Our partnership with “Axxess AIR” will ensure your data will be conveyed securely and timely to the proper regulatory agencies.


When your interlock period is over, you can come into any AESInterlock location and have your interlock removed. Your vehicle will be exactly as it was before installation, with no sign of the device. De-installation generally takes 30 minutes.


Those are all the things you can expect when dealing with your ignition interlock device. In addition, every AESInterlock customer has the right to expect these things from us:

An Attitude of Respect:

Your AESInterlock service provider will always be supportive and attentive to confidentiality.

Professionalism and Expertise:

All our service providers are well versed in the regulations and expectations of state authorities, as well as all technical aspects of interlock installation and monitoring. We use that expertise to help you succeed in your program.


We have convenient locations all over the State and our Customer Service Reps are ready willing and able to answer ANY questions you may have.


AESInterlock works hard to provide you with the best service in the industry at a lower program cost than anybody in the market.

Superior Service and Personal Protection:

Our team at AESInterlock has spent more than 20 years developing a business model that works on behalf of YOU, the client. Our partnerships ensure that you are not only the most educated customer in the marketplace, but a US Federal Patented System protects your data and privacy.

Our clients’ rights are protected!

That’s why AESInterlock is the most widely used service in AZ today

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